Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Well, the reviews are in, and they're positively gushing. Ok, one review is in, and it's not quite gushing, but it does say "beguiling". That'll do for us.

Not sure if we're important enough to make the print edition, but the review is online here.

If you wish to be beguiled, don't forget you can listen to our set here.

Edit - don't bother following that link to listen to our set, The Man has taken it down. We'll try to repost it on our new Mixcloud page, but we can't find it at the mo, so you'll have to wait. Of course, if you do follow that link, there's still plenty of goodness to be had, so maybe you should just click it anyway.

Skydaddy video

Both of our fans may remember that we mentioned we were attempting to make a video for Skydaddy, but we never finished it. Well, we never did finish it, but we've decided to bung it on Youtube anyway. It's here if you fancy watching it. Don't have nightmares.

Blimey, you hear nothing from us in over a year, then four posts in a couple of weeks. It makes us look really busy, even though we haven't actually done anything new.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Exclusive remix on our Soundcloud page

Head over to our Soundcloud page to hear an exclusive alternative mix of our "classic" Untitled 2, if that sort of thing interests you.

You never know, we may get round to posting some brand new music one day. Don't hold your breath though.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Moon Club gig and new Soundcloud page

Dig if you will a picture - a packed room full of hundreds of people united by the groove. Moving as one, and reaching a state of ecstasy, almost a state of transcendence. The music taking them on a journey to places beyond their imagination, places both strange and yet comfortingly familiar. Each person feeling as one with everyone around them, forgetting their worldly cares and worries, and giving their minds, bodies and souls over to the music. Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?

Well that's what you missed if you didn't make it to the Moon Club on Thursday night. Luckily, you can capture a flavour (or "flava" as the kids say) of the evening by heading over to our new Soundcloud page where our set is available to stream or download.

If you were there on the night, and you remember it differently, it's probably because the transcendental communal mind stuff affected your memory. That is how it happened.

PS if you notice a couple of tracks are a bit too loud, it's because the DJ booth was constantly being mobbed by ecstatic dancers, and not because we're technically incompetent titwits with cloth ears, oh no.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dubrobots Soundsystem at the Moon Club tonight

As Samantha Fox said back in 1986 - this is the night (she also said "touch me, I want to feel your body", but we're not extending that particular invitation to you. Well, maybe some of you, we'll see). Yes, Cardiff's Moon Club is playing host to a DJ set  from Dubrobots Soundsystem tonight. What's that you say? "You haven't given us much notice, and we're planning a dutiful romantic evening with our loved ones tonight. We've bought flowers and chocolates and a novelty teddy bear and everything". Yeah, sorry about that. We would have let you know sooner (yesterday), but we were having trouble with our internet. Anyway, we're artistes, not bloody promoters. Jesus, must we do everything ourselves?

Anyhoo, for a very reasonable £4, you get us, and some other fine musical entertainment. The wonderful David Mysterious, the (probably) fantastic Hywel Pitts, and the (most likely) brilliant The Gentle Good*.

Here's the official poster for the evening. We prefer ours**, but we ought to show you the real thing too.

So come along and enjoy a set of romantic smoochers and tender love songs***. We're not on until 11, so you'll still have time after you've finished your candlelit meal that cost twice as much as it would have done last night.

Fear not if you can't make it. We'll be posting our set on this here site sometime in the next few days, unless we make a right balls-up of it. Which is quite likely.

* We haven't actually heard Hywel Pitts or The Gentle Good, but we have no reason to assume that they aren't fantastic and brilliant.

** We knocked it up this morning. Nice isn't it? The artwork is by Scott Balmer and we found it on the internet. Scott probably holds a copyright on it, but we saw it and thought "we're having that". Soz Scott.

*** We're not actually playing romantic smoochers or tender love songs. We might play Kiss by Prince, but that's as smoochy as it gets.