Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Dubrobots remix Dafydd ap Llwyd

Dubrobots have remixed "O Fri" by the mighty Dafydd ap Llwyd (more from Dafydd here).

O Fri (Dubrobots go-go goch mix)


CLICK HERE to hear it on Lisa Gwilym's show (available until 15/01/09 - don't know what you get if you click the link now, maybe someone would care to write in and tell us, we're far too busy to bother checking)

(Non-Welsh speakers : Lisa says "Dubrobots are just fab, easily the best band in the world right now")

(Welsh speakers : don't tell the non-Welsh speakers that she doesn't actually say that)

The show's no longer online, but you can hear the track on the player on this here page.

Or you can go here and hear it (and possibly buy it, we don't really understand this new-fangled sort of thing, it was all little round pieces of black plastic in our day, and you had to save your pocket money, get up off your arse and go into town to buy them)


Anonymous said...

Radio Cymru am byth!

lazy said...

Hello Mate!.just to let you know I think I found all of Dennis Bovell lps for you!will post them up for you asap.