Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dubrobots vs global warming, and other news

Dubrobots have contributed a new track to Shyffl, featuring the vocal talents of TV weather girl Sian Lloyd. It will be premiered at Shyffl @ Nos Da in Cardiff on the 28th October, and will be included on a CD available to buy on the night (and only on the night), with all proceeds going to Oxfam. Tons of groovy bands will be playing, and there might just possibly be a short DJ set from Dubrobots Soundsystem. Maybe. You can hear an exclusive instrumental version of our contribution on our music player on this here page.

More details (in Welsh and English) here, here, and here.

In other news, we've also mixed a few tracks for those... er... freaky boys, The Freaky Boys. They've posted one of them on their myspace page here.

And in geek news, from now on if you click a link on this site, your download should start automatically without re-directing you to Mediafire. Also, our email address seems to be up the spout, so for the time being, contact us on dubrobotsATy*hoo.c*.*k, and maybe you can hire the A-Team. Or something.

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