Friday, 4 December 2015

Forever released next week

Only one week to go until Forever is released, so we thought now might be a good time to give you the full lowdown.

It's a four track, 27 minute single available at the very reasonable price of £3 (digital) or £4 (CD single). "Gosh, that is reasonable, but what are the four tracks?" we hear you ask. Well, shush a minute and we'll tell you...

1 Forever
2 Forever (in blue jeans)
3 Forever (changes)
4 Forever (and ever, amen)

Track one is the original version, crafted by our own fair robotic hands. The radio edit is available to listen to here, but if you buy the single you'll get it in all its 7 minute glory.

Track two is a radical overhaul by underground London-based dubsters Wry & Slobby. We were going to try to describe it ourselves, but realised we couldn't put it better than Swiss Adam over at the wonderful Bagging Area blog - "This remix by Wry and Slobby takes it even further and actually sounds like dub made by funky robots. The robots keep a human horn player as their underling. Occasionally they order him to play the horn, which drifts in and out in a Ghost Town sort of manner. The robotic bassline could make kitchen white goods join in the dance". Don't believe him? Listen to it here and judge for yourself.

Track three is something different again. We asked wayward pop maverick (and North of Chepstow labelmate) David Mysterious to sprinkle some of his enigmatic magic over the track, and what we got in return was exactly what we expected - i.e. not what we expected at all. Is it a remix? Is it a cover version? Is it a completely new David Mysterious track loosely inspired by Forever that we're claiming as our own (along with any royalties it might generate)? You decide. It's great though, whatever you want to call it.

For track four we thought "hey, everyone else is remixing this, so why don't we?". So we did.

So there you are, all filler no killer (is that right?)

"So where can we buy it?" (we didn't hear you ask this time, but in fairness a train just went past and it was pretty loud, but logic dictates that you must have asked). Well, if you want a digital copy, you can order it from our Bandcamp page. It will be released at midnight on Friday 11th December, and is available to pre-order now. If you'd like a CD, then you can pick up a copy from Spillers Records, Retro Vibe Records (both in Cardiff), and Andy's Records Aberystwyth. We don't know if they're opening at midnight especially, we'll check.

Alternatively, you can buy copies at the single launch night - Saturday 12th Dec at Little Man Coffee Co in Cardiff. The festivities start at 7pm and there will be DJ sets from the aforementioned David Mysterious, Hard Hearted Hannah of the fabulous Thee Manatees, and of course, the disc-jockeying arm of our operation, Dubrobots Soundsystem. We'll be playing the single and much much more (obviously if we just played the single all night, it would get a bit boring). And as if that doesn't sound tantalising enough, it's free entry - come on down, the price is right. More info here, for those of you who do the Facebook thang.

We think we may have broken the record for the most links in one blogpost. To commemorate this stunning achievement, we've decided to run a competition. The first person to click all the links wins a prize, maybe a badge or something. We've got a British Heart Foundation one knocking about, and we might still have a He-Man one somewhere. Answers on a postcard please. Terms and conditions apply. The white zone is for loading and unloading only.

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